Do you want to know for sure you are following the right course?

Suppose you are a property developer and plan to build a hotel. The problem is that you don’t know whether it is possible to run a feasible project at the intended location. Furthermore, you have no idea at which level there is a market demand, how many rooms the hotel should have and whether (and how much?) the complex should offer conference facilities.

As hotelier, perhaps you are thinking about scaling-up your company. After all, doesn’t more volume mean that more turnover can be generated? On the other hand, you are agonizing over the extra financing pressure, the plans of competitors and the fear that you will not be able to rent the newly developed accommodation.

With our years of experience with the new development and expansion of hotels, we can give you a precise answer to the questions you are grappling with. First of all, we identify the environmental factors and identify the commercial starting points. We examine the geographical fields of competition and analyse the demand. Based on trends, future developments, a representative survey of target groups and the benchmark with comparable regions, we distil a realistic outlook of the market situation.

Based on the results, an appropriate draft is developed in cooperation with our regular architect (or with your own advisers) and we outline an accurate picture of the total development costs. We subsequently simulate the optimal marketing strategy and the feasibility is tested on the basis of the turnover forecasts. The efficiency (personnel planning, routing) is calculated and depreciation, interest charges and tax implications are incorporated in a medium-term forecast. A detailed risk analysis is also produced (“what are the consequences if the turnover falls by 20%?”).

The findings are clearly expressed in a conclusion and a list of recommendations. We guarantee an objective outcome that will help you to make the right decision. If the result is positive, in a subsequent stage we can contact investors, conduct negotiations with prospective operators and supervise the pre-opening period.

We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities and will be pleased to formulate a proposal suited to your situation. For more information, please call Bas Tolmeijer on +31 653 319 010 or send him a mail via .
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